Ashot Shiroian has worked with music and films for a long time but wood art has become his passion during the last years. "Working with wood feels like coming back to the nature, to the roots." 

For his works Ashot uses only the parts of the trees that have fallen down after the storms or have been cut by arborists. Apart from that Ashot often reuses a number of different materials and old objects such as cutting boards, kitchen counters, wood trays, electrical cables, etc.

Ashot always tries to preserve the original form of the wood as much as possible and enhance its natural beauty.

Past exhibitions:
The exhibition "Stories from Skokloster" was inspired by the nature of the Swedish peninsula Skokloster which is situated in the Uppsala County. Some of the works in this exhibition are made from the 350 years old lime trees that still grow in the park of the famous Skokloster's castle.

12 November, 2022 Zeitgeist Art Show (Uppsala)

6-19 August, 2022 Konstgalleri Stenhuset Skokloster (Skokloster)

25-30 December, 2021 Galleri Upsala (Uppsala)

13-18 November, 2021 Galleri Yamanashi (Stockholm)